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Review: Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)



Temptation, thy name is Ian Lochlan.

That was the thought running through Ellie Dawson’s head when her boss offered to escort her to a local vampire bar. Who would suspect that it was owned by him and that he would be the one to introduce her to all the pleasures of a vampire’s kiss?

Passion is a different beast when vampires are involved and Ellie faces love from two very sensual creatures. Tragedy strikes and Ian relinquishes her into the arms of his best friend – Jasper. Ellie struggles with the feelings aroused in her by both men but she knows nothing can stop the Hunger.

Can she survive loving two men and the past that continues to haunt her?

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I was pleasantly surprised with this novel, as the author has taken a refreshing approach to vampires.  Unlike the norm, our beloved creatures of the night aren’t possessive of their loved ones and allow them a certain freedom that only makes their love stronger.  The erotic scenes are mind blowing and the characters are tasty!

 Everyone was intelligent, quick witted, and relatable.  I was enchanted by the exciting story line that delivered a climatic ending, although I didn’t want it to end at all. Leaving room for the next installment, the author has gained from me a devoted fan.

Pick up a copy of this delightfully sinful novel, you won’t be sorry!

About the Author

Brandy Dorsch


Brandy lives in North Dakota and dreams of running away and being an extra on The Vampire Diaries. She is a diehard reader that can’t breathe without adding something to her TBR list. She loves anything romance but has a special place in her heart for all things vampire related. She works and goes to school but her favorite activity is spending time with her husband and two sons.

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