Review! The Corps, The Cross & The Mirror: Reflections of Faith by Sheila Perdue Guion






When Staff Sergeant Sheila Perdue went to Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island, SC she thought she was God’s gift to the Marine Corps. While stationed there as a Drill Instructor (DI), she had a Supernatural Encounter with God that changed her life forever. Two years later, she was quite a different person all together. The change was so profound, some mocked it as “Boot Camp Religion,” thinking she would get over it.

Do you believe in God? So did she, but she didn’t know Him. He was the God somewhere out there. Follow her Inspirational Story of Faith, Courage, and Triumph, as it leads to an Unshakeable Faith in Jesus as Lord. Be Inspired! It’s Life Changing!


This is an emotional novel written by a woman who has been positively affected by her Christian beliefs. Reflecting on her past, the author shares intimate details of her life, and the night she found salvation. Her courage and determination is quite powerful!

It’s promising to hear of someone finding a belief that changes their life for the better. The joy the author finds in spreading the word of God and Jesus Christ is evident, and it is a moving experience. I enjoyed reading about the author’s triumph, and happy that she has found peace.

I recommended this for Christians, or those looking for a religiously suffused novel.



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