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Review: The Sinful Man by Keith Rommel





Headaches. Hunger. Pain.


Leo needs something . . . his stomach growls, but it can wait. That’s not hunger he must feed. He has to get to his next high, but without money he knows he can’t buy what he needs to sate the voice inside telling him to get more, get more.


Voices. Visions. Addiction.


No luck asking his father. His mother is in no position to help. After failing to steal the money he desperately needs, Leo must appeal to his dealer, the dangerous and infamous Saint Nick—despite the inevitable beating he’ll take for showing up empty-handed. Still, anything to keep the voices and flashbacks at bay . . .


Demons. Addiction. Death.


Leo soon learns that everything has a price—not just money for drugs, but that every choice he makes has a repercussion. Suddenly caught between a world where he can see the sins of his past and a new consciousness that he doesn’t fully understand, Leo finds himself not only chasing the dragon, but being chased by demons of a whole different kind. He must learn the finality of being past hope—all while reliving his missed opportunities for second chances—and truly come to understand that he is responsible for his own undoing before he runs out of time. After a lifetime of bad choices, this Sinful Man discovers the consequences to his actions and the mortal responsibility of exercising free will.



While very disturbing and morbid, this novel is a great read!

A mysterious journey that depicts the life of one very delusional man, the author creatively intensified my interest by alternating the past and present with great skill. I couldn’t help but think of warnings I’ve received from my elders throughout my years, and found myself recalibrating my own moral compass.

While there is mature content, I think this would be an excellent read for teens, as it seems a modern day fable to me.






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