Copyright 2015 Petra March. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 Petra March. All rights reserved.

Pages: 33 (estimated)
Editions: Kindle, eBook
Contemporary, YA, Romance
Publisher: Petra F. Bagnardi
Cover Artists: PFB and F. Chericoni



It takes 7 seconds to crash.

It takes 3 seconds to fall in love.

It takes an infinite moment to let go.

David Medwin’s life is fading away, and all he can think about is what it means to be alive.

An intense story about life, death and, most of all, love.


***Recommended for Ages 17+***



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 I have, yet again, been blown away by the poetically brilliant mind of Petra March!

A short sequel to the novel, “A Veil of Glass and Rain“, we are given an intimate portrait of a sweet young man, whose life is taking a dramatic turn.  The writing is exquisite, raw, and painful. 

David’s story begins as it ends, with a jolt of heartbreak.  As the present and past flutter in and out with his consciousness, a story of self discovery and regret emerge.  Although it is a novella, there is a lifetime of emotion perfectly fitted in this small package. I recommend reading the first novel, as it is a most extraordinary read that will give a more detailed background on the secondary characters here, but it can also be read as a stand-alone. 

I cried.  I’m not a sappy reader, and I rarely find an author gifted enough to invoke my inner crybaby with such fierce skill, but this is no ordinary author.  This author is an artist. I couldn’t put this down, and I cannot wait to see what this talented young woman has for us in the future!

Highly recommend to lovers of dramatic reads that leave you grief-stricken, but wanting more!



All the Skies I will not See: A Novella (A Touch of Cinnamon, Book 1.5)

by Petra March

Copyright © 2015 Petra March

All rights reserved

About This Literary Chef:

Petra March studied Screenwriting and History of American Cinema at UCLA and NYU. Presently, Petra keeps traveling and dreaming through her novels. Her characters are deeply in love with Europe and the USA, just like Petra is.

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